Free Blog Creation Training for Beginners: How to Set Up a Blog



Beginners, you have not been forgotten…


You have just landed at a free, blog creation site for amateurs, newbies and beginners. And you’ll be happy to know there is no coding, HTML, CSS or web-design experience needed to get where you want to go! (I’ve never written one ounce of code)


Learning how to set up a blog the right way can certainly seem like a daunting task given all the misinformation and so called “magic systems” people are selling out there.


Unfortunately, too many folks are left behind feeling lost and confused and simply quit altogether after never really getting their blog up a running as expected and usually wasting thousands of hard earned dollars in the process. (Not to mention their confidence).

Ok, let’s address some of the lies out there…


To Set Up a Blog Properly You Must Move Fast


Many people believe just getting a blog online as quickly as possible is the way to go. They have been led into this false hope that if they build it and build it fast, then they will come, and nothing could be farther from the truth.


Putting together a blog is much like a home builder constructing a house in a new neighborhood. They can build the most unbelievably awesome house a person has ever seen, but unless the builder advertises and markets the new home, it will certainly not have any potential buyers stopping by.


The same thing goes for your new blog. It can have all the bells and whistles and filled with thought provoking content, but if you haven’t constructed it in a way to have potential buyers stopping by, or done your homework and marketed it properly, then you won’t have any, plain and simple.


There are many things that have to be considered prior to you spending one dime on hosting, domain registration or any other blogging tools you may need. These are the things that often get overlooked, but become more important in the long term.


Setting Up a Blog is Not Just About Keyword Results and Keyword Rich Domains Anymore


Before looking at the actual hands-on steps, let’s briefly look at some of the more commonly overlooked details that send most blogs to their early graves.



  • You Must Love Spending Time on the Internet-Unless you have thousands of dollars to outsource 99% of what it takes to blog, then you will need to commit to not only setting up your blog the right way, but also surfing, reading, researching and interacting with others in your particular area of business or niche.
  • Enjoying the Art of Writing-If you despise the thought of sitting down at your laptop and throwing together a blog post, then you need to rethink your decision. Once again, if you have plenty of money you can outsource the writing part, unfortunately most folks don’t.
    And setting up a blog that conveys your personality means you must come up with a lot of your own material. It’s impossible to “create a voice” on your blog when someone else is becoming your voice by creating content for you.
  • Are You Blogging About a Passion or an Interest?This is really the first step in learning how to set up a blog. Too many folks either skips over this process altogether or try to make themselves believe they are passionate about a niche simply because the keywords get a lot of traffic.(I know this first hand)

    Utilizing a blog for an online business will require you to spend a lot of time creating content regardless of the type…blog posts, articles, press releases, videos, etc. It’s hard enough coming up with insightful not to mention interesting content for your blog, but can you imagine doing it if you don’t “love it”? (I can’t)
  • Setting Up a Blog For the Long Haul-The other aspect of the importance of being passionate about your subject matter is the fact that Google has changed dramatically over the last couple of years. No longer do they allow “skeleton” mini blogs rule the day.

    Google has made it clear through recent updates that it wants to provide the best “user experience” for its customers and they do this by rewarding content rich, narrowly focused websites and blogs.

    Too many people make it hard to do that by just being “interested” in their blog as opposed to feeling passionate about their niche.It is also becoming more and more difficult to organically rank in Google without the proper “blog design”.A blog that is laser-focused on the theme of the site, as opposed to just providing tons of unrelated posts and articles is the order of the day for ranking in Google today.

Can I Use a Free Blog?


I see this question asked every single day on Facebook, in forums and in comments left on blogs and even on YouTube. It is a good question no doubt and let me answer it this way…




I’m sorry to be so blunt and direct but I want this point to get through to everyone here, even the Squidoo, Blogger and Hubpages lovers out there. These sites are certainly easier to use and may be a tempting to newer people, but avoid them like the plague when it comes to “owning” your own business.


I remember what it was like starting out and the thought of creating an Internet business on my own SCARED me to death. I didn’t have a clue how to get started and the more I searched the more terrified I became it seemed. (Hence the attractiveness of web-hosted sites)


DISCLAIMER ALERT: Before I get someone emailing me stating that I have several other blogs and those are “free sites”, I will be happy to deal with that right now. Yes, I do have quite a few free blogs and they are strictly for back linking purposes only…that’s it. If one or more were closed down tomorrow, it wouldn’t have much of an effect on me or my business as a whole. I learned a long time ago not to put all my eggs in one basket, and you shouldn’t either.


Now when it came to building my own blog, I constantly told myself “I can’t do anything like that”. I had to dig deep to change that feeling and you will too.


***** The great thing is that it’s so much easier today than it was even just 4 or 5 years ago when I began*****

Let me be as frank as possible here…


You are building YOUR blog to be successful in YOUR business. When you work from home it’s easy to get distracted and to feel lonely sometimes. You can feel as if you’re lost and don’t know which way to turn.


If you don’t control everything about your business, then these feelings can multiply and literally put you out of business. (Remember, quitting is not an option).


Not only that, but here are more reasons not to use “free” blog sites:


1-Anything that you submit or create on any other site such as YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Hubpages, or even Blogger become the property of that site, PERIOD, end of story.

2-You cannot put PayPal buttons on those blogs.

3-Some “click and create” services intentionally make it very hard to move a blog without losing what you’ve built on it, so if you think you will EVER want your own blog or site, then for the love of God, start on your own blog or site.

4-You cannot put forms on those blogs. This really, really matters. You’ll see below that if you want to maximize your platform, you need to begin collecting email addresses of people who like what you do, and you’ll need a form to make that happen. You are very seriously handicapping yourself if you can’t/don’t eventually start to collect email addresses.


I’ve had three YouTube channels shut down over the years and guess what happened to all of the videos and countless hours I spent editing and submitting all of that content? Yep, you guessed it, GONE, VANISHED.


And so did all that traffic and potential customers!

Clearly you don’t want to operate this way, wondering when you wake up each day whether your blog or websites will even be there, much less making money for you.



Your blog will become your lifeblood, your platform from which to do business!


I know this may sound strange to you now, but it’s the absolute truth so just get used to it, really. If you’re serious about making money from home, you need to get over your fear of the web and begin to embrace the Internet.


Now that we’ve established the most important things to consider when setting up your new blog, let’s look at the actual chronological steps involved:


Proper Keyword Research-Since you’ve done some soul searching and determined your passion, it’s time to see what types of keywords are available. Start by using the Google Keyword Tool initially. Input several words at a time using phrases you personally would use to do a search for your particular niche.


Don’t try to think of highly searched words, just input the phrases you might use to search with. Export the list and import them into a paid tool like Market Samurai, (it’s a onetime cost tool which is awesome).


Narrow down your keyword list to the point of having 1 main higher traffic keyword and 10 to 15 secondary or supporting keywords.


Picking a Domain Name-In the old days getting an exact match domain was the norm, but no longer. Google is cracking down on this also, so be careful. Don’t get me wrong, an exact match domain can help with your rankings, but you better have a lot of quality content on your blog or you run the risk of getting slapped by Google.


Just try to get your keyword in your domain name if you can, but don’t kill yourself.


If you can get a portion of it in there, that’s great. If your keyword is “great blog stuff” and you can only get, that’s just fine.


In the present environment, Google is looking for relevant content and lots of it on your blog first and foremost. There are many other factors that we get into inside the Blog Training Academy for getting your blog set up the right way so you can get found by potential customers.


Registering Your Domain-I use only. They are one of the most respected in the industry and have been in business for many years. They have very knowledgeable, telephone customer service people that speak English.


Godaddy charges anywhere from $8.99 to $12.99 per domain depending on what exactly it is and whether it’s a .com, .org, etc. I just don’t think saving $24 over the course of a year is worth risking my “business name registration” to some company named “cheap this” or “save money domains that” …do you?


Picking a Hosting Company-I guess I need to get on my soapbox again because I use only. Once again, your hosting company literally holds your business in their hands. If their servers go down, your site goes down.


Just think of it as if you going to the Wal-Mart for your weekly grocery shopping and their doors are locked. You try to look through the windows, but there is black paper taped in them. Now what do you do as a person that needs groceries?


You drive down to Safeway, Albertson’s or Kroger don’t you?


Their security department had my blog cleaned and back up in under 24 hours on three different occasions when I was hacked…Enough said!


Why WordPress Now, even though there are tons of blogging platforms out there like Typepad, Tumblr and Blogger, remember these are not self-hosted, meaning you don’t own your blog.


Now for learning how to set up a blog ourselves, our “nerve center” as it were, we are staying with something that we actually OWN OURSELVES. We control every aspect of our business that way.


I might be somewhat of a control freak here, but when you’re speaking about YOUR family’s income, I’m dead serious about you controlling every aspect of it so it can never be taken away from you!


So you will need a platform that is for self-hosted blogs, and the one chosen by more people around the world and that is the self hosted version of WordPress. Don’t get confused here, because there is a version that is not self-hosted, and it’s at (The web hosted version is at


Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through the step by step instructions soon enough. (Hostgator provides a simple interface to do it too).


Now, there are many reasons for using WordPress including a huge range of premium themes to choose from; thousands of plug-ins to create a custom look; and great search engine visibility which Google loves; and also the ability to grow with your business. (Because you will if you do it right the first time)!


And that my friend is exactly why you made a good decision today in visiting…because you want to learn how to set up a blog the RIGHT WAY!


Let’s jump right into the most important part of this process and that is the “planning your blog” stage.